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one of the important aspects of working online in india is that the quality of content is not important, especially for search engine rankings. Offline, the subscriber or customer of the magazine has a lot of choice, if the quality of the writing or articles in the magazine is not satisfactory, the subscriber or customer will not buy a copy of the magazine again. So magazines have editors who check the quality of the content, and only select articles are published.

On the other hand, even today, most search engines are unable to correctly gauge the quality of the content. For these search engines an article which is more than 500 words long or a website which has several thousand pages is considered to be a quality website, even if the website contains complete gibberish, when a human visitors reads the website content. Also certain search engines have a system of rewarding webmasters based on their support system, networking skills and contacts. So certain webmasters may have junk content on their website, but may rank highly in search engines, while other webmasters may have very high quality content, but get only a trickle of visitors.

Overall any one who is knowledgeable and has experience working online, should realise that the internet may be useful for doing basic research, but should not be trusted for important things, as few online publishers are concerned about the accuracy of the content.

Additionally the younger person will given unlimited assistance in stealing the identity of an older person, who is put under surveillance to steal emails, SMSes, and phone calls. Mails for the experienced older person are diverted to the younger person, just to harass the experienced person

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