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In todays age of information overload, it is increasingly difficult to find time to search for relevant information . Twitter provides users with a regular stream of updated news and information from companies and individuals who share their interests and are working in the same niche. It has become a popular method of social marketing today, for sending any message to a large number of people. The number of followers for a Twitter user is an indication of the users popularity. Today actors, politicians, sportstars, media groups, celebrities have a large number of Twitter followers, who closely track all their tweets.

Increasingly Twitter is an important social marketing tool for online marketing firms. They often pay Twitter users with a large number of followers large amounts to endorse a product to their followers, as this is often more cost effective than other online media marketing tools. This service was offered by third party marketing firms who took advantage of the social networking reach of Twitter. Now Twitter offers Promoted Tweets , which allow a particular business or individual to broadcast their message to a large number of Twitter users who are not their followers.

Twitter claims to have more than 200 million active users today and the promoted tweets offered by Twitter allows the advertiser to promote a product, service, deal or event. This advertising option helps target twitter users based on different criteria such as similarity to their existing twitter follower profile, geographic location, gender, keywords used in recent tweets, interests. The pricing for promoted tweets is performance based, and payment only has to be made when the advertiser gets a new follower, replies to the tweet, clicks on a link, retweets or favorites the link. Soon Promoted Tweets could become an alternative to Google Adwords and Facebook Ads for online marketing.

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