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One of the little known disadvantages of developing websites and using advertising revenue as the main source of income is that destroying the life and business of webmaster/domain investor becomes a hobby for larger companies interested in talent acquisition, especially when all revenues are from foreign countries This has been observed twice , when G** wanted to hire a webmaster, the GA account was disabled after five years, without replying to any mail asks for specific reasons.When revenues drop from a one or two lakhs a month to zero, it can be a financial disaster.

Similarly, another ad network first made false accusations against the webmaster and then drastically reduced selling advertising on the website. Earlier, at least 50% of the websites listed with the ad network had a link sold on them, now less than 20% of the websites have an ad sold on them. Developing a website is an expensive business, time and money has to be spent on domain registration and renewal fees, web hosting, content development, which no one considers.

No ad network guarantees any revenue, and additionally the webmaster is subjected to numerous identity theft attempts by unscrupulous people who wish to takeover the business, without spending any time or money on content development. So it is advisable to provide a service as a main source of revenue, and develop websites as a hobby, without expecting any revenue since raw/cbi/ntro are extremely vicious in covering up their ICANN, financial fraud



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