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One of the many options for online marketing are solo ads. However, these advertising packages are expensive so a potential customer wonders - Solo ads - gold mine on internet or just a rip off. Solo ads is basically an internet marketing package where a promotional advertising message is sent to a large number of subscribers to a mailing list. It is targetted at businesses of different types - ranging from food suppliers to colleges offering online courses. The business only has to provide the basic inputs about the product and service offered, and everything else is included in the advertising package.

Based on inputs provided, Solo Ads can design the advertisement to be sent to customers or they can use the ad copy already available with the business. An advantage of using solo ads is that most people tend to check their email at least once a day, so they are likely to see the product or service being marketing. If the product or service is interesting or if they have an immediate requirement, they may visit the website and purchase the product, if the product is being sold online. They may also reply to the email to get more information.

There are three Solo Ad packages to suit the requirement and budget of the customer - Silver, Gold and Platinum package. These differ in the number of members to whom the promotional message is being sent.For the Silver package costing $149, the user can reach 157000 readers, platinum package allows the advertiser to reach 500000+ readers, and the promotional message is sent to these readers twice to increase the number of sales. Additionally the promotional message is sent to 375+ new readers everyday for customers of the Platinum package. By purchasing solo ads, a customer can ensure that his message reaches a large number of readers, and also is spared the hassle of sending thousands of emails.

One of the disadvantage of using Solo ads is that the conversion rates are likely to vary significantly depending on the product or service being advertised. For low value consumer products used by most email readers, the conversion rate is likely to be much higher, especially if a deal is being offered. However, for niche products or high value products, conversion rates will be very low. There is also a possibility that solo ads may be blocked by spam filters and never reach the intended recipient. Hence solo ads can be used for marketing depending on the product or service being promoted.